Public Involvement

The Watkins Glen Solar Energy Center Public Involvement Program, submitted pursuant to Article 10 of the New York Public Service Law, can be found on the Department of Public Service Website and here.

The Watkins Glen Solar Energy Center Public Involvement Program Plan includes the following elements:

  • consultation with the affected agencies and other stakeholders;
  • pre-application activities to encourage stakeholders to participate at the earliest opportunity;
  • activities designed to educate the public as to the specific proposal and the Article 10 review process, including the availability of funding for municipal and local parties;
  • the establishment of a website to disseminate information to the public;
  • notifications; and
  • activities designed to encourage participation by stakeholders in the certification and compliance process.

Additional information on Article 10 of the Public Service Law can be found at the following links:

In support of NextEra Energy Resources’ efforts to inform local stakeholders and provide information related to the Public Involvement Plan, this website includes information on:

The Watkins Glen Notice of Proposed Stipulations can be found on the Department of Public Service Website and here.

Access to filed documents and distributed materials:

Document Repositories 

While all information pertaining to the project will be updated via the project website, Watkins Glen Solar Energy Center will maintain hard copies of the PIP, the PSS, and the Article 10 Application, as well as assorted project outreach materials, at the following locations for those stakeholders who may not have access to the website, or prefer to review hard copies:

  • Town of Dix Town Hall, 304 7th Street, Watkins Glen, NY
  • Watkins Glen Public Library 610 S. Decatur St., Watkins Glen, NY 14891